Publication Principles

1- Manuscripts to be sent to TUIC Academy Journal must be original in a way to bring a new dimension to the subject matter and must not have been published in any publication or sent for simultaneous evaluation.

2-Publication and distribution rights of the studies submitted to the journal and deemed appropriate to be published belong to theInternational Relations Studies Association. In case of quoting from published articles, the source must be specified. The use of the entire article depends on the permission of the journal.

3- Submitted works are published after the positive evaluation of at least two referees, the approval of the relevant editor and the positive decision of the Editorial Board. The responsibility of the published articles belongs to their authors. Views in the articles cannot be attributed to the journal.

4- Studies submitted to the journal are not returned, whether published or not.

5- Only manuscripts and book reviews submitted by filling out the relevant form from the “Submit an Article” menu on the journal’s website are taken into consideration. Studies sent directly to Editors and/or Editorial Board members are not taken into consideration.

6- It is strongly requested that the authors read the copyright agreement before submitting their work.

7- Articles should be a minimum of 4,000 and a maximum of 8,000 words, including bibliography, with abstracts in English and Turkish. Studies that are above or below the specified word limits are returned to the author (s) without being evaluated.

8-Book reviews should not exceed 1,500 words. Studies that are above or below the specified word limits are returned to the author (s) without being evaluated.

9- Turkish and English abstracts and keywords should be added to the articles. Abstracts should have an average of one hundred and fifty words each, and Turkish and English keywords should not exceed five.

10- In the articles to be published in the journal, it should be stated whether the ethics committee permission and/or legal/special permission is required. If these permissions are required, it should be clearly presented from which institution, on what date and with which decision or issue number the permit was obtained.

11- TUIC Academy Journal is an open-access journal that provides free and unlimited access to all published online materials. There is no article publication fee for the articles submitted to the journal. The International Relations Studies Association may publish journal issues in print if it wishes.